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Why order a Singing Telegram?


When was the last time you saw a singing telegram in real life? Most of us know what a Singing Telegram is, but have never experienced one. 


Who needs another boring birthday at the office when you can hire a professional to create a moment that will be talked about for years to come. Perfect for any occasion; from serenading your loved one on their birthday, to embarrassing your boss at his retirement celebration, or surprising your spouse at your anniversary dinner, or even proposals. The possibilities are endless!


 The Singing Telegram is an American tradition starting back in the 1930's. Today Encore Singing Telegrams keeps the fun alive in the greater NYC metropolitan area, delivering personalized messages for ANY occasion.




The Classic Bellhop surprised me at my birthday dinner with my family - it was the most thoughtful gift I have ever received!
— Kelly Reid
Encore’s Telegram was an incredible & UNIQUE surprise. They were super professional - I will definitely be using them in the future!
— Stephanie Van Epps